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  • Supported Docker versions: the latest release (down to 1.6 on a best-effort basis)


Tendermint Core is Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) middleware that takes a state transition machine, written in any programming language, and securely replicates it on many machines.

For more background, see the introduction.

To get started developing applications, see the application developers guide.

How to use this image

Start one instance of the Tendermint core with the kvstore app

A quick example of a built-in app and Tendermint core in one container.

docker run -it --rm -v "/tmp:/tendermint" tendermint/tendermint init
docker run -it --rm -v "/tmp:/tendermint" tendermint/tendermint node --proxy_app=kvstore

Local cluster

To run a 4-node network, see the Makefile in the root of the repo and run:

make build-linux
make build-docker-localnode
make localnet-start

Note that this will build and use a different image than the ones provided here.



Contributions are most welcome! See the contributing file for more information.