TendermintCore can be configured via a TOML file in $TMHOME/config.toml. Some of these parameters can be overridden by command-line flags.

Config parameters

The main config parameters are defined here.

  • abci: ABCI transport (socket | grpc). Default: socket
  • db_backend: Database backend for the blockchain and TendermintCore state. leveldb or memdb. Default: "leveldb"
  • db_dir: Database dir. Default: "$TMHOME/data"
  • fast_sync: Whether to sync faster from the block pool. Default: true
  • genesis_file: The location of the genesis file. Default: "$TMHOME/genesis.json"
  • log_level: Default: "state:info,*:error"
  • moniker: Name of this node. Default: "anonymous"
  • priv_validator_file: Validator private key file. Default: "$TMHOME/priv_validator.json"
  • prof_laddr: Profile listen address. Default: ""
  • proxy_app: The ABCI app endpoint. Default: "tcp://"
  • consensus.max_block_size_txs: Maximum number of block txs. Default: 10000
  • consensus.create_empty_blocks: Create empty blocks w/o txs. Default: true
  • consensus.create_empty_blocks_interval: Block creation interval, even if empty.
  • consensus.timeout_*: Various consensus timeout parameters
  • consensus.wal_file: Consensus state WAL. Default: "$TMHOME/data/cs.wal/wal"
  • consensus.wal_light: Whether to use light-mode for Consensus state WAL. Default: false
  • mempool.*: Various mempool parameters
  • p2p.addr_book_file: Peer address book. Default: "$TMHOME/addrbook.json". NOT USED
  • p2p.laddr: Node listen address. ( means any interface, any port). Default: ""
  • p2p.pex: Enable Peer-Exchange (dev feature). Default: false
  • p2p.seeds: Comma delimited host:port seed nodes. Default: ""
  • p2p.skip_upnp: Skip UPNP detection. Default: false
  • rpc.grpc_laddr: GRPC listen address (BroadcastTx only). Port required. Default: ""
  • rpc.laddr: RPC listen address. Port required. Default: ""
  • rpc.unsafe: Enabled unsafe rpc methods. Default: true