Tendermint Ecosystem

Below are the many applications built using various pieces of the Tendermint stack. We thank the community for their contributions thus far and welcome the addition of new projects. Feel free to submit a pull request to add your project!

ABCI Applications


Ethereum Virtual Machine augmented with native permissioning scheme and global key-value store, written in Go, authored by Monax Industries, and incubated by Hyperledger.


Custodian Bank Ledger, integrating central banking with the blockchains of tomorrow, written in C++, and authored by Block Finance.


Application to manage a distributed ledger for money transfers that support multi-currency accounts, written in Go, and authored by Allession Treglia.


Public service reporting and tracking, written in Go, and authored by Zach Balder.

Cosmos SDK

A prototypical account based crypto currency state machine supporting plugins, written in Go, and authored by Cosmos.


The go-ethereum state machine run as a ABCI app, written in Go, authored by Tendermint.

Merkle AVL Tree

The following are implementations of the Tendermint IAVL tree as an ABCI application


Written in Go, authored by Tendermint.


Written in Java, authored by jTendermint.


P2P chat using Tendermint, written in Java, authored by woldposd.


Encrypted storage web-utility backed by Tendermint, written in Go, authored by Rigel Rozanski.

ABCI Servers

Name Author Language
abci Tendermint Go
js abci Tendermint Javascript
cpp-tmsp Martin Dyring C++
jabci jTendermint Java
Spearmint Dennis Mckinnon Javascript
ocaml-tmsp Zach Balder Ocaml
abci_server Krzysztof Jurewicz Erlang

Deployment Tools

See deploy testnets for information about all the tools built by Tendermint. We have Kubernetes, Ansible, and Terraform integrations.

Cloudsoft built brooklyn-tendermint for deploying a tendermint testnet in docker continers. It uses Clocker for Apache Brooklyn.